Aug 7, 2006

Reuters withdraws all photos by freelancer

Source: Reuters via Yahoo News
LONDON (Reuters) – Reuters withdrew all 920 photographs by a freelance Lebanese photographer from its database on Monday after an urgent review of his work showed he had altered two images from the conflict between Israel and the armed group Hizbollah.


Altered image on left, original on right

Global Picture Editor Tom Szlukovenyi called the measure precautionary but said the fact that two of the images by photographer Adnan Hajj had been manipulated undermined trust in his entire body of work.

“There is no graver breach of Reuters standards for our photographers than the deliberate manipulation of an image,” Szlukovenyi said in a statement.

“Reuters has zero tolerance for any doctoring of pictures and constantly reminds its photographers, both staff and freelance, of this strict and unalterable policy.”


The Reuters Picture Kill Advisory

The news and information agency announced the decision in an advisory note to its photo service subscribers. The note also said Reuters had tightened editing procedures for photographs from the conflict and apologized for the case.

Removing the images from the Reuters database excludes them from future sale.

Reuters ended its relationship with Hajj on Sunday after it found that a photograph he had taken of the aftermath of an Israeli air strike on suburban Beirut had been manipulated using Photoshop software to show more and darker smoke rising from buildings.

An immediate enquiry began into Hajj’s other work.

It established on Monday that a photograph of an Israeli F-16 fighter over Nabatiyeh, southern Lebanon and dated Aug 2, had also been doctored to increase the number of flares dropped by the plane from one to three.

“Manipulating photographs in this way is entirely unacceptable and contrary to all the principles consistently held by Reuters throughout its long and distinguished history. It undermines not only our reputation but also the good name of all our photographers,” Szlukovenyi said.

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3 Responses to “Reuters withdraws all photos by freelancer”

  1. hcq Says:

    Read the Reuters statement carefully. Reuters says it replaced the badly-Photoshopped image with a “corrected” one. They do nbot use the word “original.”

    Look carefully at the lower left quadrant of the “corrected” image and you will see it too contains cloned buildings. See here to compare those two images with what many believe is the actual, unaltered image.

  2. kaisersuzuki Says:

    If you are going to be a propaganda monger the least you can do is learn how to mak a decent piece of fiction!!!! This guy sucks!!!

  3. Chicago photographer Says:

    Let’s remember too that this sort of thing goes on in U.S. publications too. From Time’s cover of the OJ Simpson mug shot to The L.A. Times photographer’s reworking if an Iraq invasion photo, this is going on everywhere.

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