Jul 31, 2006

MisterClipping Introduces Online Handmade Clipping Paths

Press Release: Haarlem, Netherlands, July 29, 2006– is an online supplier of hand-made Photoshop clipping paths. The company was founded in November 2005 and is entirely dedicated to making clipping paths for third parties. The online application, which has been active since June 1, was developed by a renowned Dutch Internet company. In September, the campaign “Let Mister Clipping do the clipping” will be the starting shot for a worldwide roll-out of the service.

Photoshop clipping paths separate objects from their background/basic layer. This is referred to as ‘isolating’ them. Only isolated images can be placed on a new background (colour). In addition, clipping paths are used for various creative (post) editing procedures. Hence, the graphic industry cannot escape from making clipping paths. It does, however, remain a tedious job.

Mister Clipping revolves around simplicity and user-friendliness. The application distinguishes itself by the fact that the entire process of image selection, uploading, clipping and checking up to the process of paying and downloading the clipped images is fully integrated in the system and computerized as much as possible.

In order to be able to use the application, one must first register for a (free) account. After this, the user himself determines the way in which he gets his images to and from Mister Clipping. By default, takes place by means of the Mister Clipping browser: the user selects the images that he wishes to have clipped and, by pressing ‘upload’, the images are copied to the Mister Clipping servers automatically. It is also possible to use FTP. If the user selects this option, Mister Clipping will automatically create a target folder, which can be accessed by entering a username and password. It is even possible to enter a location where the images can be found. Mister Clipping will collect the images on its own (FTP fetch). In all cases a thumbnail survey of the images ‘coming in’ is generated in real-time. The system offers the same options for downloading the isolated images.

The starting rate for the isolation of images is € 3.95 apiece. The price per image depends on the complexity of the object to be isolated. A representation of a bicycle is obviously more difficult to process than that of a packet of butter. In order to calculate the total price of a job, the images are classed into four categories. Users will receive a final estimate before commissioning us to add a clipping path to an image. Payment options are by credit card or Paypal.

MisterClipping is for everybody. The online application is developed in such a way that it is just as easy to process one image as it is to process a thousand. Although in the first instance Mister Clipping focuses on ‘large-scale consumers’, creatives who need to have an occasional photograph isolated will soon find their way to Mister Clipping as well.

Cutting out photographs for weeks, while it can be done faster, better and cheaper online?

You would be out of your mind. Let Mister Clipping do the clipping!

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