Jul 20, 2006

Photo exhibit showcases images in altered states

Source: The Coloradoan
Written by Stacy Nick

Sometimes even art can be a little safe.

So for its latest exhibit, The Center for Fine Art Photography is showcasing artists who aren’t afraid to use a little manipulation to get what they want.”On the Edge” shows images that have been altered to give them a more avant-garde, edgy and experimental look, said Center Executive Director Larry Padgett.

“It’s imagery that typically doesn’t fall into traditional categories of photography,” Padgett said.

Best of Show
Grumpy Bird and His Master
By Chet Morrison

But that doesn’t just mean going crazy with Photoshop.

“It can be angles, light, color,” Padgett said. “It can be done in a traditional darkroom or digitally or even a combination of all of those.”

And while typically computers make life easier, they don’t always make art better.

“The problem we encounter frequently is that Photoshop is a tool that is overused or not used well,” Padgett said. “And what we look for (in this show) is a way that it can be used in a (manner) that is very creative and enhances an image rather than detracts from it.”

Director’s Selection
By Nick Beery

One of his favorites, “Terror” by Illinois photographer Nick Beery, is a classic example of Photoshop used well.

“It makes a statement,” he said of the dramatic photo reminiscent of an M.C. Escher drawing. “It’s a nicely executed digital manipulation.”

“On the Edge” includes the images of 45 international artists from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, France, Poland and the United States. Several of the artists will be at the exhibit reception Aug. 4 to discuss their work with patrons. There will also be a silent auction to bid on some of the displayed images.

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