Jul 18, 2006

No news is good news?

Well, contrary to some assertions on the net, I’ve not gone over to the “dark side” after attending the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit, but I have been busy. Can’t tell you about what yet…but I might venture that if you are a Windows user, you might want to stop back to PhotoshopNews a bit later in the day, oh, say 9:00PM Pacific time.

Why? Can’t tell ya. What’s it about? Can’t tell ya.

But if all goes right, stop back for the story…


P.S. And yes, I’m behind on my Photo Summit report (I shot a ton of shots) and the Photoshop Soup2Nuts Conference (I shot a ton of shots) and the MontrĂ©al and Toronto Print Academy reports (I shot a ton of shots) as well as my visit to Michael Reichmann’s country “cottage” (I shot a ton of shots there too). I’ll catch up sooner or later…

24 Responses to “No news is good news?”

  1. Dennis Love Says:

    Do I smell Lightroom Beta1, WINDOWS!!!

  2. obn Says:

    I hope so, too -
    but we have to bear in mind that it’s still beta.

  3. Olafur Says:

    It sure smells like Lightroom for PC, I cant wait.

  4. obn Says:

    hehe, over here we have 04:00am.
    nice time to be one of the first if it is lr :-)

  5. NikR Says:

    Lightroom for PC? *Yawn* For Mac it was touted as “revolutionary” (kinda like like Final Cut Pro)–it ended up being an underwhelming $500 disappointment for many…We’ll see if the PC version fares any better (I doubt I’ll be deserting my 3 year old LightBox [Conceiva software] anytime soon ;)

  6. John Gill Says:

    $500? I thought Lightroom was free. What are you talking about. Could you be confused with Aperture?

  7. NikR Says:

    “$500? I thought Lightroom was free. What are you talking about. Could you be confused with Aperture?”

    Yeah John I did mix em up- my bad….thanks!

  8. obn Says:

    Hehe, lets hope we won’t read any news about the new Vista Beta or a rebate program…would be disappointing.

  9. Greg Barnett Says:

    Take your time with those S2N pics… :-)

  10. ByteTraveler Says:

    Nine minutes to go here on the west coast – Time enough for one last dash to the fridge before the show starts. Anyone need a beer while I’m up?

  11. Waiting Says:

    Well…it be 9PM…where is the announcement?

  12. Matt Says:

    9:02PM PST! Where is it?? :)


  13. Waiting Says:

    Still waiting…that site has been up forever. The only new thing on it is the bar to sign up for the windoze version. Nothing new…

  14. Waiting Says:

    Yup, this does close the circle. It references this site here. We’re like rabid dogs, chasing our tails….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :-(

  15. Nuno Says:

    Download now!

  16. Nuno Says:

    W00t! Installed!

  17. gmo Says:

    I REALLY looked for it on that link, and all i can find is the mac version still…..where am i going wrong?

  18. Jeff Schewe Says:

    As is often the case, there’s always slight hickups when getting a site updated and live…but I’ve downloaded the Windows standalone msi file via Safari (since ironically it wasn’t showing under Explorer in Windows).

    But the Windows version HAS been released!

  19. Mark Says:

    Downloaded the msi, installed fine, when I try to run the program nothing happens. I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, same thing. I’m running XP SP2, I have Photoshop CS2 and Bridge installed and they both run fine. I have no problems with any other applications. Anyone else have this problem?

  20. Jeff Schewe Says:

    You are talking about running the msi installer? it may take a bit of time for the installer to build itself from the msi file-assuming you didn’t get a corrupted download…

  21. gmo Says:

    i went back like 2 seconds after i posted that i couldn’t find it and it was staring me in the face.
    installed and incredible.

  22. Mark Says:

    The msi wasn’t corrupted. I booted into a clean installation of XP SP2 on a separate hard drive that I keep for emergencies, installed it and it runs. It’s odd because I keep my main XP SP2 installation very clean and I never have any problems. Not sure whether I should chalk it up to beta or a weird incompatability problem with some other program/library that I have installed.

  23. Pierre Courtejoie Says:

    “I shot a ton of shots” Huh? what does that mean…
    Ah, yes, major GIGAGE!

  24. JR Says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I am an avid follower of your take on all things photography and especially PS.

    My original post on DPR was meant tongue in cheek alright, but my (darkest) fear was that you might have journeyd to the dark side’s headquarters on your BMW. What with a comment in a recent post of yours re having a close call with a deer, I was really concerned about a possible outcome I did not really look forward to.

    I am very, very relieved to find you are doing ok.

    Kindest regards and happy trails, Jim Roelofs

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