Jul 12, 2006

Lightroom Podcast Episode 9 Posted

Fast on the heels of Episode 8 comes another Lightroom Podcast from Pro Photography Evangelist of Adobe, Goerge Jardine. This time he has Lightroom engineers Kevin Tieskoetter and Andy Rahn.

It’s available from iTunes music store, keyword “Lightroom”.
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Title: “Podcast #9: Kevin Tieskoetter and Andy Rahn”

This podcast was recorded Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 at the Minnesota offices of Adobe.

Description: “George, Kevin and Andy talk about some of the features of the Print Module. We also touch on what’s great, and what’s still missing there, color management in the various modules, web output, slideshows, and a host of other topics in this casual conversation. For folks who want to dive into customizing Lightroom’s Web module templates, this conversation with Andy will be essential listening.”

The views and opinions of the participants in this podcast are their own, and do not reflect or represent those of Adobe Systems.

Duration: 37:32

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