Jul 7, 2006

DxO Labs unveils Beta Version of Optics Pro v4

Source: What Digital Camera

DxO Labs has revealed details of a new version of its flagship application, DxO Optics Pro. The TIPA award winning software is designed to meet the needs of SLR and advanced digital camera users with automatic optics, noise and exposure corrections.

The latest version incorporates a range of major upgrades, including a new DxO Color Engine that facilitates a Multi-Point Color Balance tool and a Color Rendition feature. This offers multiple color renderings and modes for images, in particular the abiltiy to apply the Color Rendition profile of one digital SLR camera to images taken with another camera.

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The software officially launches later this summer, but in the meantime DxO Labs has made available a free, Windows public beta of DxO Optics Pro v4 for digital photographers to download.

Editor’s Note: at the time of this posting, the DxO Website has not yet been updated to reflect the availability of the beta of Optics Pro v4.

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