Jun 19, 2006

iView Releases MediaPro 3.1.1

Improved IPTC metadata support, metadata sync for more Raw formats, Windows scripting engine update and improved NEF rendering lead the list of enhancements.

Press Release: iView Multimedia has released a free update to its flagship digital asset management program iView MediaPro.

Version 3.1.1 provides the following improvements and enhancements:

• Improved support for IPTC metadata during file synchronization, including the reinstatement of support for IPTC legacy metadata. The IPTC block is now UTF-8 encoded and fully inclusive (i.e it contains all iView supported fields).

• Metadata sync now works with Nikon (NEF), Kodak (DCR) and Canon (CR2) Raw image formats.

• Major scripting engine update on the Windows version (including improved importers for Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop Album).

• Improved rendering performance of Nikon (NEF) Raw image files.

For a complete list of improvements, please download this version history document (PDF, 28KB).

Download iView MediaPro 3.1.1
This update is free for registered users of MediaPro 3.x. This update works best with the latest version of QuickTime (7.1) from Apple, which is strongly recommended to both Windows and Macintosh users.

• An updated manual and shortcut card for MediaPro 3.1 is available on the iView support page.

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