May 25, 2006

See Tom Dance

Dance Tom, dance!
Thomas Knoll the original co-author of Photoshop and primary engineer on Camera Raw and DNG has discovered a new engineer’s dance in a small Masai village deep in Tanzania: The Binary Dance. It’s so easy, even an engineer can do it…
up, down, up, down – repeat.

Find out more about Tom’s dance in Travels with Thomas – Africa
By the “Original” Photoshop Widow – Ruth Knoll

In the inauguration of her new website, Ruth writes about her trip to Africa last year with Thomas.

Africa – July 2005 wildlife tour with Andy Bigs

Ruth Knoll on safari in Africa
“With access to some of the best digital camera equipment in the world, I shoot video. Camera equipment shows up on our door step two or three times a week. Thomas’ camera collection is the state of the art equipment and yet, I’ve chosen video. Why video? I ask myself this many times during the editing process. Final Cut Pro is no easy software package to learn to use. Disk space vanishes before my very eyes. Sleep vanishes before my very eyes. And yet, I’ve not produced a finished DVD of any of our trips.”
– Ruth Knoll

Ruth’s African Experience has given inspiration to this year’s Photoshop Soup2Nutz event…where the top Photoshop talent will be descending upon Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Presenters include:
Bruce Fraser
Scott Kelby
Thomas Knoll
(yes, THE Thomas Knoll)
Marc Pawliger (Director of Photoshop engineering)
Jeff Schewe
Seth Resnick
Ben Wilmore & more…

In addition to more Photoshop sessions than you can shake a stick at, there’s also a special trip to shoot (cameras, no guns) at the Toledo Zoo.

Online registration is available.
One day pass from $150, two day pass from $275. Toledo Zoo Event $125/person.

About Ruth Knoll
As the original Photoshop Widow, Ruth has had plenty of time to develop and pursue her own interests. She has a wide variety of interests: pottery, weaving, gardening and now apparently, video, just to name a few. She and her family travel extensively; from the Antarctic to Africa to the Galapagos and Italy, their travels are wonderfully narrated by Ruth. Her energy and generosity are boundless for worthy causes including Heifer International and Growing Power. For more information about this remarkable woman, check out

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