Comments on: On the Road to MontrĂ©al and Toronto The latest news about the top pixel wrangling application on the planet. Sat, 25 May 2013 08:41:56 +0000 hourly 1 By: John Green John Green Mon, 05 Jun 2006 14:05:26 +0000 Thanks for the very enjoyable day at the Toronto “academy.” The learning was fun.
Thanks for the print Jeff and the laughs. How small is that picoliter anyway….

By: Stephane Massie Stephane Massie Mon, 29 May 2006 13:29:00 +0000 Hello Mr. Schewe,

Just a little note to say thank you for your time and knowledge this Saturday in Montreal. It definitely worth it to be there, learn a lot with the fine tunning.

I had to leave before the ends and wished to look at the advance black & white section.

Again thank you and your team body’s for this event it is a “rarissime” opportunity to have a you guy’s in Montreal.

Stephan Massie.