May 17, 2006

Adobe looks to Photoshop to take on Quark

Source: CNET
Written by Candace Lombardi

Adobe Systems is overhauling its publishing applications to more closely resemble its popular Photoshop program, in a bid to sway designers who are already using the image-editing software.

A new software suite, Creative Suite 3 (due Q2, 2007), will include so-called metadata tags that users can stick to images. In addition, the new version of InDesign, which is part of the CS3 package, will have the ability to import multiple images in one step, expanded transparency capabilities, and other new features that mimic Photoshop tools.

The idea is to take advantage of the popularity of Photoshop and make an easier integration of features from one step to the next in CS3. In doing so, Adobe hopes to lure designers away from rival Quark, said Chad Siegel, the senior product manager for InDesign.

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