May 17, 2006

Adobe Bridge Update 1.0.4 (MAC/WIN)

Adobe has released an update for Adobe Bridge via Adobe Updater for Mac and Windows versions of Bridge. The update, available only via Updater (at this time), will bring Bridge to version 1.0.4.

According to Adobe Tech Support, this was a very small update mostly aimed at fixing a security issue. Here is the summary of changes.

- Improved interoperability with Epson R-D1 generated JPEG files – EXIF information is preserved properly when updating XMP.

- Hasselblad / Imacon 3F (*.fff) Files no longer being corrupted by XMP updates

- Improved security fix for launching from URL feature that is rated “critical.” (

- Improved support for SSE2 processors – should now launch and work on all Pentium 3s and up

- Changed “Lightbox” workspace to “Light Table” workspace.

Editor’s Note: The Mac version is now showing the 1.0.4 update in Adobe Updater. Previously, only the Windows version of Updater was showing the update.

This story updated at 10:30AM, 06-18-06

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