May 11, 2006

Photo Mechanic 4.4.3 Released

Camera Bits has released Photo Mechanic 4.4.3. Formerly available in beta, the final version is now available for download.

The update is free to registered users.

Version 4.4.3 updated features and functionality:

* Added integration with PhotoShelter for secure upload of photos to their site. Support for both individual and multi-user accounts is provided. Please see the press announcement at for more info.

* (Mac) Raw photos from certain Canon and Nikon cameras can now be rendered using the built-in support from Mac OS X. This requires Mac OS X version 10.4.6 or higher. Raw photos from many Canon and Nikon cameras and the Olympus E-1 are supported. Canon: 1D, 1Ds, 1D Mk II, 1Ds Mk II, D30, D60, 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, Digital Rebel/300D, Digital Rebel XT/350D, PowerShot G3, PowerShot G5, PowerShot G6, PowerShot S60, PowerShot S70, PowerShot Pro1. Nikon D1, D1X, D1H, D2X, D2H, D2Hs, D100, D200, D50, D70, D70s, Coolpix 8400, Coolpix 8700, Coolpix 8800. The Olympus E-300 and C-8080 are supported by Mac OS X, but there is bug with Mac OS processing modified files in 10.4.6 and therefore Photo Mechanic will not attempt to render these RAW files with Mac OS X. Added a RAW+JPEG source popup menu to dialogs that output image files to allow users to choose to render the RAW file if possible or use the associated JPEG (as in the past).

* (Win) Added the ability to burn photos to CD or DVD without having to first rearrange photos in folders to fit under the capacity limit for CD and DVD discs. Photo Mechanic will automatically span the source photos across multiple CD / DVD discs as needed according to the capacity of the recording media and the number of photos selected for burning.

* CD/DVD burning can now preserve up to two levels for the parent folders. For example, if photos are in a folder called “20060505” and you choose “One level” for the parent folder hierarchy, then the photos will be put into a folder called “20060505” on the CD/DVD rather than in the root folder. This helps to identify the source of the photos and eliminates naming conflicts if multiple source folders are burned to disc at once. You can also write additional non-image files (e.g. a PDF with contact info, ordering info, terms of use, etc) to the first or all of the CD/DVDs.

* Added a watermarking option in the Save As, FTP As, PhotoShelter upload, HTML Export, and Print Proofs commands.

* (Mac) Drag and drop can now quickly move photos from one folder to another on the same volume without the much slower method of copying the files and then deleting the source.

* Added a new preference to put photo preferences for tag and color class into IPTC/XMP so that an external editor that preserves IPTC/XMP will retain the tag and color class when a photo is edited and saved as a new photo. You can choose to have this done for RAW photos only, for all photos, or not at all. However, when the IPTC/XMP is updated for a photo, the tag and color class will be added to the IPTC/XMP regardless of the preference setting. If you choose to set the preference for all photos, then tagging or setting the color class for JPEGs and PSD files can be much slower since the IPTC/XMP may need to be inserted into the photo.

* Added an option to create Exif data for JPEGs saved from non-JPEGs and extracted JPEGs from RAW photos. Also added an option to extract JPEGs to the source folder, bypassing the destination folder dialog.

* Added single key shortcut ‘L’ for selecting the last previewed photo. Useful for quickly getting back to the last item that you previewed after doing other operations.

* (Win) Several improvements to the Navigator. The Navigator can now use drag and drop to move and copy folders. The Navigator will only refresh portions of the tree that need updating for improved responsiveness.

* Multiple code replacement source files can now be selected (e.g. one per team). Code replacement now works with variables. For example, \{cat}\ will expand the contents of the IPTC Category field and then use that value to look up a code replacement.

* (Mac) Spotlight searches can now search for multiple separate keywords (AND conjunction).

* Added a variable {actuations} or {act} that shows the number of shutter actuations. This only works for certain Nikon and Canon models.

* Added a variable {flash} or {flsh} that reports the Exif flash status in plain English.

* Added variables {index} (or {indx}) and {total} (or {totl}) for use in operations on multiple photos (e.g. when sending 10 emails you can put “{index} of {total}” in the subject field).

* Added a variable {foldernum} or {fldn} which evaluates to the first three digits of the DCIM folder from a camera memory card (e.g. “101” for “101NIKON”). If the parent folder is not formatted as eight characters with 3 initial digits, then the full parent folder name will be returned.

* Added 3 character month name variables that evaluate to “Jan”, “Feb”, etc: {monthname3}/{mnn3}, {todaymonthname3}/{tmn3}, {iptcmonthname3}/{imn3}. Also added abbreviated month name variables according to the Associated Press standard: {monthnameap}/{mnap}, {todaymonthnameap}/{tmap}, {iptcmonthnameap}/{imap}.

* Fixed a few problems with Lexar Active Memory support.

* (Mac) Fixed a problem with extremely slow captioning of PSD files.

* (Mac) Adobe ImageReady droplets can now be used from Photo Mechanic.

* (Win) There is no longer a limitation on the number of photos that can be sent to a Photoshop droplet.

* (Mac) Fixed reversal of default button in delete confirmation dialogs. Yes is now the default again.

* Fixed “hang” when deleting last item in the Edit IPTC List dialog.

* (Mac) Fixed problem where having too small of a layout in Contact Sheet printing would prevent printing of Proofs.

* (Mac) Fixed problem in Send photos via email that occurred when a photo’s filename contained Unicode characters.

* (Win) Turned word-wrapping on in body text editor in the Send Photos via email dialog.

* (Win) Snapshots in HTML Exporter now restore Fonts and Link colors.

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