May 9, 2006

The Russell Brown Show-News Update

Check out the new updates to his ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TECHNIQUES page.

b>What’s New?
Dr. Browns’ Services 1.4
This is a set of time saving, Macintosh and Windows, scripts for Adobe Photoshop CS2!

Services include:
- Merge-A-Matic
Combines multiple images into one file.

- Place-A-Matic
Creates Smart Objects the easy way.

- Caption Maker
Adds metadata captions to your images.

- 1-2-3 JPEG NEW
Processes three variations of JPEG images.

- Auto Correct
Automatically color corrects images.

- Manual Correct
Manually color corrects images.

- Black-n-White
Converts color images to B&W.

Easy Installer
Install all of the Dr. Brown Services with a click of a mouse. These installers take all the trouble out of loading scripts into the correct locations. This installer is also designed to update any previous installation of Dr. Brown’s Services.

Manual Installation
Nothing is perfect. If this installer does not run correctly on your machine, please follow the installation instructions found in the READ ME file that comes with the installer. These separate scripts can be downloaded by clicking on the link to the right.

The Russell Brown Show is Now a podcast!
Simply download my Photoshop tutorials for viewing in iTunes, or on your iPod. I’ll be adding new tips and techniques to this location each month. You will also discover some special features that are only available on this podcast!

Click on this link to launch iTunes:
The Russell Brown Show

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You can also subscribe from the Apple iTunes site directly. Just search for “Russell Brown” on the iTunes store site.

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