May 5, 2006

A Wine Tasting Story

When the members of the Epson Print Academy were in Seattle, Washington, we had a special treat-a Washington State Wine Tasting!

Organized by Greg Gorman and Matthew Loso of Matthews Cellars we had the honor of visiting and tasting wine from the pick of the “Garagistes” of Woodinville, Washington.

We visited:
Betz Family Winery
Ross Andrew Winery
Mark Ryan Winery
Januik Winery
Baer Winery
Matthews Cellars
And wine from the Walla Walla Valley vineyard, Dunham Cellars

If you wish to see the shots I did from the tasting (and read a report of the wines-primarily by George Jardine) check out the PhotoshopNews Feature story A Wine Tasting

Warning: there is really no Photoshop content at all but there are some fun shots of a real cast of characters including; Greg Gorman, Bruce Fraser, Mac Holbert, Graham Nash, Karl Lang, Henry Wilhelm and George Jardine among others. Another warning, there are a lot of shots so if you are on a slow net connection, you will be waiting for a really long time :~)

4 Responses to “A Wine Tasting Story”

  1. Diane Fields Says:

    As a winelover and a photographer, I just loved this ‘tour’. Totally understood it—and LOL moer than once. Thanks.

  2. Ron Donson Says:

    Fun stuff. I especially like the purple tongue shots. :-)

  3. Mel Hill Says:

    Looks more like a wine DRINKING story than a tasting….
    bet you guys didn’t spit much :)


  4. Marshall Goff Says:

    Now there’s a great prize idea: wine tasting with the Pixel Mafia!

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