May 4, 2006

On the Road to San Francisco

…with a few friends for the Epson Print Academy in San Francisco!

The City on the Bay, the Giants, Golden Gate & Silicon Valley…
(ok, officially, that’s in San Jose, but we’ll be close).

We’re coming to San Francisco for a special one day Epson event that will be hitting a 12 city tour this spring – check out the Epson Print Academy for details and online registration. Sorry, San Francisco is sold out.

What will we be covering?
* In-depth color management and custom profiling
* Creating and optimizing a professional workflow
* Expert-level fine-art printing techniques
* Using a RIP for contract proofing and to increase productivity
* Collaborating with graphic designers and commercial printers
* Advanced black and white printing techniques

For those attendees from Dallas, Miami, Boston, NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle and LA be sure to check the Epson Print Academy Track Two Info page.

The LA event was a trip. . . ironically, our LA local boy, Greg Gorman couldn’t be there – he was in Italy teaching a workshop. Stay home and do the Print Academy or go to Italy on an all expense paid trip…yeah, I would have gone to Italy as well. But we had a standing room only crowd and a good time without Greg (ok, we had less wine). Well, there was a problem-Track One was in the parking garage-literally. Seems the venue screwed up and double booked the other big room so they had to move Track One into the parking garage. But it was pretty cool-the hotel laid a carpet, hung drapes and special lighting and placed plasma TV screens around in addition to the regular LCD projectors. It actually looked pretty cool (loved the TV’s). And, of course, I forgot to get a picture of it. Ooops :~)

We had to make do with a large LCD projector for our Track Two…

…but that’s ok, it’s a great Epson LCD projector (I don’t know the model but it’s bright as you can tell by the glow on the attendee’s faces).

The big downside to the Renaissance Montura Hotel (other than double booking the room) was they didn’t have a Starbucks-that’s ok, I did a Starbucks web search and found one right next door at the Sheraton. Bruce and I need our caffeine! I have a 4 shot grande mocha.

Bruce was so wired, he was talking standing up!

Ok, then he sat down to drink his grande 4 shot latte and let George Jardine give away Adobe Lightroom Tee Shirts!.

I did the B&W session instead of Greg (who was probably drinking some great Italian wine at that exact moment-if I got my time zones right.)

Mac Holbert did his Fine Art Printing thingie…

…and JP was doing his thingie, “The Zen” of Fine Art Digital Printing (well, it is a bit Zen-like when you think about it, right JP?)

Don’t even think about trying to get into the SF Academy…unfortunately it’s totally booked (over-booked actually) and this is the last west coast swing. But, there’s plenty of room in Minneapolis, Montreal and Toronto if you have a hankering to travel.

I’ll be off-line Monday and Tuesday as well. On Monday Bruce and I are traveling to the official Silicon Valley to visit Adobe. And Bruce and I are working on getting specs done for PhotoKit Sharpener 2.0. More about that later. I also don’t know if I’ll be able to do much Wednesday AM either-I’m on the red-eye Tues night, hopefully I’ll get that first class upgrade and get some sleep in the air.

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