May 2, 2006

Coding for fame, and dollars

Source: CNET
Written by Tom Krazit

Las Vegas has seen its share of title fights, but the only thing that will get pounded by the 64 finalists arriving this week for the 2006 TopCoder Open will be a computer keyboard.

With $150,000 in prize money up for grabs, the competitive coding contest draws some of the most talented developers in the world. The finals of the 2006 TopCoder Open start Wednesday at the Aladdin Hotel. Thousands of developers have been competing online for months in hopes of reaching the finals, where they will face off in two separate events.

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From the TOPCODER OPEN web site: Sponsored by AMD

2006 TopCoder Open – Overview

Are you ready to be dazzled? We’ve put together another incredible competition for you and even higher stakes. We’re giving away $150,000 and a trip for 64 finalists to one of the world’s largest playgrounds. Las Vegas awaits!

The 2006 TopCoder Open is here.

Competitions include:

* Algorithm Competition
* Component Design Competition
* Component Development Competition

Finals held at:

* Aladdin Resort and Casino*, Las Vegas, NV

Where else in the world can you marvel at dancing fountains (the Bellagio), see an erupting volcano (the Mirage), or watch pirates and sirens entertain on ships nightly (Treasure Island)? Not to mention downtown’s Fremont Street Experience that is a haven for pedestrians. Las Vegas has it all!

Important Dates:

Component Competition

* Registration: January 2, 2006
* Begins: January 18, 2006

Algorithm Competition

* Registration: February 13, 2006
* Begins: February 28, 2006

* Prizes for the Algorithm and Component competitions total $150,000

New to the 2006 TCO – the TCO Complete Coder Incentive Program!
Learn how you can earn more prize money by participating in both Component and Algorithm competitions.

*soon to be Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

See the official Algorithm and Component rules and regulations for full details.

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