May 2, 2006

A Derby Day picture puzzle

Source: Miami Herald

The Kentucky Derby is full of details — with more than 100,000 people there, how could it not be?

Play our detail-oriented game to see whether you can find the eight differences in these two photos.

HINT: There’s one change for each of the six front-row spectators (one of the changes is very difficult to spot). Two more changes are in the background.

Read the entire article and see the before/after images.

HOW WE DID IT: The Herald-Leader’s photo policy strictly prohibits altering photographs unless they are labeled “photo illustrations.” For this game, and with the photo director’s permission, staff photographer Janet Worne used the “cloning tool” in Adobe PhotoShop software to make all the changes to her 2003 photo.

PSN Editor’s Note: They may want to double check their spelling of Adobe Photoshop…check out this PSN article It’s Photoshop not PhotoShop – Fact

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