May 1, 2006 gets a new facelift

Over the weekend, got a facelift.

A new look and a new navigation interface are the most obvious changes. However, former URL’s seem to be continuing to work.

The new look has a certain Macromedia feel to it. At first glance, navigation seems improved-although it’s still an incredibly difficult site to navigate to get exactly where you want to go without searching.

As far as navigating Photoshop, Camera Raw, Bridge and DNG URL’s, PhotoshopNews still makes it easier to get to the specific page you may need to go to get Photoshop specific information.

The new web face of’s Home Page (above) and the Photoshop Product Page (below).

Ok…maybe it’s just me, but does anybody else notice at least a passing simularity between the Photoshop page and the page? I’m just saying…


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  1. Michael Says:

    Similar, yes, but that clean white look, logo, menubar, rotating “what’s new” graphic, multi-column pull as much content as possible above the fold layout is rapidly becoming the optimum for product sites.

  2. Roger Leale Says:

    It’s a pity that the new site does not work correctly in IE 7. It works fine in Firefox

  3. Ammar Midani Says:

    This new design is better in the navifation area, stil there are some pages that are confusing between the drop down menus and the navigation bar.

    Way to go Adobe,

  4. BasketWeaver Says:

    It’s about time. I’ve always been amazed that Adobe’s site — which should be a mecca of design excellence and usability — is actually the exact oppposite.

    The front page looks better, but navigating throughout the site is still ridiculously cumbersome and the fixed font size is a joke. One still cannot zoom/scale the pages for comfortable reading without causing text to blob out of frames. So much for standards compliance…

    Tested on Firefox, IE 7 Beta 2, Flock [PC] and Camino 1.0, Safari 2.0.3, and Omni Web 5.1.3 [OS X v10.4.6].

  5. BIll-W Says:

    Ain’t it ironic that Adobe can’t even set up their web servers to work without the www prefix?

  6. Ron Donson Says:

    Similar, yes. Now, can they provide as nifty an update to Photoshop as you guys did with PhotoKit Color 2.0? :-)

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