Apr 18, 2006

Nash Editions: Music for the Eye

Graham Nash and R. Mac Holbert are profiled on the Apple Pro Photo web site.
Written by Barbara Gibson.

Most people know Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Graham Nash for the high harmonies and inspired songwriting that helped make Crosby, Stills, Nash (and sometimes Young) a rock legend.

Others know Nash as a gifted photographer with a keen eye for the surreal. His photographs have appeared in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world, and in books such as “Eye to Eye: Photographs by Graham Nash.”

One thing not many people know: Nash and friend R. Mac Holbert, who was also CSN’s tour manager, pioneered fine art digital printmaking.

In 1990, Nash and Holbert helped to build the world’s first fine art digital printer — from a $126,000 IRIS 3047 proofer and a vacuum cleaner borrowed from Holbert’s wife, Ruthanne. In 2005, Nash and Holbert donated the printer to the Smithsonian Institution, where it resides at the Museum of American History next to Samuel Morse’s daguerreotype camera. (See the PSN article)

Nash Editions, the child of Nash’s and Holbert’s inventiveness, is widely recognized as a premier limited-edition printmaker of the work of young artists, as well as modern masters such as Horace Bristol, Pedro Meyer, Olivia Parker, William Matthews, David Hockney, Jamie Wyeth, Stephen Hannock, Eric Fischl, and Kim Weston.

And today, all of it is reproduced using Power Macs and Epson printers.

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Also, check out the PSN article Print Show by R. Mac Holbert-Seattle.

Mac is also on the road with the Epson Print Academy appearing this coming Saturday, April 22nd in LA. Future dates include May 6th. in San Francisco, May 20th in Minneapolis, May 27th in Montreal and in Toronto on June 3rd.

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