Mar 20, 2006

Yes, the iMac does Windows

Soucre: Macworld
Written by Jason Snell

Yesterday (March 16, 2006) was a milestone day for the Mac. A pair of enterprising hackers got Windows XP to boot on an Intel-based Mac, and won almost $14,000 for their troubles.

We at Macworld sacrificed one of our iMacs and joined forces with PC World to see this first-hand. And indeed, thanks to the hard work of PC World’s Danny Allen, we’ve got a working Windows iMac.

Let me be the first to say how creepy a phenomenon this is.

Anyway, now that the first attempts to get this working have succeeding, the community is buzzing. Because money was at stake before, many creative hackers were keeping their good ideas to themselves. Now that the check’s been written, it appears that everyone is joining together to figure out how to run Windows XP as efficiently as possible on Apple’s hardware.

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