Mar 17, 2006

Bryan Lamkin retires, replacement found.

Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of its Creative Solutions Group has retired and will be replaced by former Sun executive vice president for software, John Loiacono (see CNET article. Bryan is a long time veteran of Adobe having served as Photoshop’s product manager for the first Windows version, Photoshop 2.5.

Very popular with, and supportive of the engineers on Adobe’s pro apps, Bryan will be missed. We wish him well and hope Mr. Loiacono can fill Bryan’s rather large shoes – literally (Bryan is a pretty tall guy with big feet).

Bryan from my Adobe Visit shoot.

Shantanu has some kind words about Bryan at Bryan’s retirement party in February at Adobe headquarters.

Bryan shows off a gift given to him at the party.

Bryan Lamkin.

We’ll miss you Bryan and wish you the best in whatever you do. How’s that new Canon 5D working out for ya?

Photos by George Jardine were taken at Bryan’s retirement party in San Jose during Adobe’s annual Tech Summit in February 2006.

See the April 5th, 2005 PSN interview with Bryan.

2 Responses to “Bryan Lamkin retires, replacement found.”

  1. Scott Byer Says:

    We already miss Bryan. He is tall in so many more ways than just his height.

  2. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Heaven forbid that I gave the impression that the only thing big about Bryan is his feet :~)

    Although I _DO_ love that shot of him in the 10th floor hallway!

    Yes, Bryan will be (already is) missed by all…but I suspect we’ll run into him from time to time.

    Bryan, when you figure out how to mount a lens on that new camera, send us some shots dooode!

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