Mar 16, 2006

On the Road to Washington DC

…with a few friends for the Epson Print Academy in Washington DC!

Hey, is it cherry blossom time?

We’re coming in to Washington DC for a special one day Epson event that will be hitting a 10+ city tour – check out the Epson Print Academy for details and online registration.

What will we be covering?
* In-depth color management and custom profiling
* Creating and optimizing a professional workflow
* Expert-level fine-art printing techniques
* Using a RIP for contract proofing and to increase productivity
* Collaborating with graphic designers and commercial printers
* Advanced black and white printing techniques

For those attendees from Dallas, Miami, Boston, NYC and Chicago be sure to check Epson Print Academy Track Two Info page.

So I didn’t get to do a lot of shots in New York’s event…the room was pretty darn dim (read black as nite) when the lights were out. At the breaks, we had to get an electrical engineer to turn on the lights just to see to walk around! But here are some snaps from NYC followed by a series of portraits I did at my studio during the weekend of the Chicago event.

Greg Gorman joined JP and I for our customary Starbuck prior to the event.

Even George Jardine joined us. George is lookin’ a bit buzzed at 8:00AM.

We were staying in the 40′s in Times Square and the event was further downtown across from Madison Square Gardens.

Greg had just done a shoot the day before so he spent time editing his shoot while checking to see what Bruce was talking about. George was working on his demo.

Bruce was a bit sleepy as well until somebody got him a grande extra shot latte and Vinnie always looks like this in the morning with or without coffee.

We had a sold out crowd in NYC. It was a decent venu, but really dark-hense no pictures without strobe.

I did a thing with the microphone that George had to get a shot of. Then I got a shot of him!

That’s it for the event photos…here’s Vinnie and JP waiting in the lobby to go out to dinner Saturday nite-and Bruce in the elevator down.

We wandered out onto 7th Avenue in search of a cab. Yeah, Saturday nite, 7:00PM, a cab in Times Square.

JP was blaming Vinnie for the lack of cabs…you know how those Italians can be.

We finally got in a cab and sped on our way.

Here’s Vinne looking dazed in the back of the cab.

We went to Jovia, managed by the same guy who manages Zoe’s-where we had our Pixel Mafia Dinner.

Scott welcomed us. Greg had arranged the dinner–he’s our unofficial (actually, we voted and just made it official Greg) social director while we’re on the road. I checked out the kitchen…

…but more importantly, the wine cellar!

The first wine was a 2002 Carter cab…

We didn’t go too overboard with the wine, we had a guest from Epson Japan, Sato-san was on the way down to PMA and brought along some other Epson people from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Beijing.

They were snapping shots, so I did too.

Here’s Greg and Sato.

Here’s dinner…it was great Scott!

See, JP and Vinnie worked out their thing…


A Tensley Syrah.

Sato and the girls…

George was really swinging…he couldn’t believe I just did that!

Then it was back into the cab to the hotel.

Where JP and George and Bruce and I had a nightcap.

During the weekend of the Chicago Epson Print Academy (no, I didn’t even take a camera with me) some of the people were staying with me at the studio (trying to save Epson some hotel bills-not really). So, I decided to set up a camera and light and get people to sit down for a few frames on my Canon 1Ds MII. Here are just a few of the results…(BTW, these aren’t retouched yet guys, I can make you all look BETTER!)

George Jardine

Greg Gorman

Kevin Tieskoetter (Adobe Lightroom engineer)

Karl Lang (he invented the ColorMatch RGB space)

Vincent Versace

Mac Holbert

John Paul Caponigro

Jeff Schewe (shot by Vincent Versace)

Eric Shropshire

Eric and his wife Tina

Patrick Chen from Epson

Tom Fors, author of the original ACR Calibrator

Bruce Fraser

Bruce and his wife Angela

My wife, Rebecca Schewe

Becky and my daughter Erica

To see more of the portraits (or if you were one of my victims and want to make a selection) go to: Studio Portraits

We’ll be coming out to Seattle next…Mac is having a gallery opening and Greg is organizing a Seattle Wine Tasting Tour–like he did a couple of years ago, see: Seattle.

6 Responses to “On the Road to Washington DC”

  1. Charles Phillips Says:

    Nice portraits! If you don’t mind sharing, how were they lit?

  2. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Single 4′ x 4′ box light on the left about 6′-7′ away, a shader for the background on the left to cut the light and a 12′ x 18′ white movable wall on the right backed way off for soft fill.

    Shot with a 1Ds MII, 24-70mm 2.8 lens, processed directly to B&W from Adobe Lightroom then reprocessed for final web post in Photoshop. Didn’t have any time for any retouching…I’ll do that only on finals.

    Here’s a shot that George shot of me shooting Greg…doesn’t show the light, sorry.


  3. Charles Phillips Says:

    Thanks! Since you mentioned the camera and lens, what kind of strobes and softbox?

  4. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Balcar strobes…homemade 4 head box.

  5. Greg Barnett Says:

    Looks like you guys are having way too much fun! Maybe it’s all the good wine? :)

  6. Charles Geer Says:

    Jeff Schewe,

    Btw, thanks for signing that lovely “warm” black and white print for me. I’m going to frame it. Enjoyed the event very much.

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