Mar 13, 2006

Plug-in boosts HDR image control

MultimediaPhoto has released Photomatix Tone Mapping Plug-In 1.0 for Mac and Windows. The plug-in for Photoshop CS2 and compatible applications, is designed to improve the output of HDR images (for example, from digital SLR cameras) when they are downconverted for use in other creative applications.

The plug-in compresses the tonal range of HDR images while maintaining local contrast, according to MultimediaPhoto. The tone mapped result shows the whole dynamic range available in the original HDR image and is ready for display on standard monitors or prints. The plug-in’s controls include adjustment for luminosity, strength, colour saturation and white and black clipping. Settings can be saved to and loaded from file.

Photomatix Tone Mapping Plug-In 1.0 costs $69, or $19 for owners of Photomatix Pro.

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