Mar 6, 2006

John Nack About Universal Binary

Adobe Photoshop Product Manager John Nack (read the PSN Interview with John Nack) was interviewed on Inside Mac Radio (March 2, 2006 episode) regarding a variety of subject. One was the problem with taking mature applications such as Photoshop and recompiling as a Universal Binary application for the Macintosh platform.

From John Nack:
“We recognize that to really address the way the market’s been changing around digital photography it wasn’t going to be good enough to just keep doing incremental additions to our existing code. What we really need is to start with a fresh slate. So in the case of Lightroom, because they did that, it’s been a lot quicker for them to move to Mactel.

With some of the more mature apps, like Photoshop, Illustrator, it’s a really big project, and there’s a lot of work to move the code from Code Warrior over into Xcode, get that compiling, and then get that compiling on Mactel. So it’s something where it’s a long process. I wish we could do it faster. But Apple’s been really great in supporting that. There’ve been Apple folks on site all the time over at Adobe answering questions, bouncing ideas back and forth. . . Both companies really want to see this happen, just like users do. We’ll have it out as soon as we can, with the obvious qualifier that we want it right. We don’t want to just rush it out there and have it not work well. So it’ll take some time, but we’re definitely working closely on it.”

Listen to the Interview (ITMS Linl and select March 2nd episode)
(Requires iTunes)

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