Mar 6, 2006

Images printed to an Epson Stylus printer are too dark or have a magenta or green color cast (Photoshop CS2 on Windows)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: When you print to an Epson Stylus printer such as the Photo 2200 (Photo 2100 in Europe), or the Pro 4000, colors may be too dark or have a magenta or green color cast.

Solution: Use the correct profile in the Photoshop Print With Preview dialog box and turn Color Management off in the printer.

Note: The following instructions are for the Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer. For instructions how to turn off Color Adjustment in the Epson Stylus Pro 4000 driver, consult the documentation that came with your printer.

1. In Photoshop CS2, choose File > Print With Preview.

2. Select Let Photoshop Determine Colors from the Color Handling drop down list.

3. Select the correct Epson profile for the paper you are using from the Printer Profile drop down list.

Note: Epson has released new ICC profiles which you can download from the Epson website at .

4. The default Rendering Intent is Relative Colorimetric, but you can select Perceptual as well for comparison. Perceptual may produce more accurate colors.

5. Click Print.

6. In the Windows Print dialog box, click Properties. Under Color Management, select ICM and then choose No Color Adjustment in the ICC Profile box.

7. Make sure the paper type matches the profile you selected.

Note: In the Epson driver print preview a magenta cast may be visible. The resulting print, however should be successful.

Background information

To get accurate color prints, it is essential that you are not color managing your image twice, that is, once from within the Photoshop Print With Preview dialog box and again in the printer driver. For more information on printing from Photoshop (7 and CS) to the Epson Stylus Photo 2200, visit the Epson FTP site at .

Black & White images may print with a magenta cast. In Europe and Australia, Epson bundles the Gray Balancer software with the Epson Stylus Photo 2100 printer, which is identical to the 2200 printer sold in North America and Japan. The Gray Balancer software is used as a custom profile maker for the 2100. It will remove the color cast from Black & White images. For more information about the color cast in Black & White images printed to the 2200, see .

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