Mar 6, 2006

Blog satire mistaken as news by agencies in Syria, Pakistan

Source: BoingBoing
Posted by Kathryn Cramer

The satrical news website Unconfirmed Sources ran a story the other day on Bush’s surprise visit to Kabul. The post contained the following photoshopped picture of Jack Idema & co. with President Bush and Afghan President Hamid Karzai: The article concludes:

Bush then took the opportunity to meet with Americans Jonathan Keith Idema, Edward Caraballo, and Brett Bennett in a show of support. The three were convicted in 2004 of running their own private prison and torture chamber in Kabul. The three have steadfastly maintained that they were doing the work of the US government and not acting independently. (…)

The Unconfirmed Sources story was by DailyKos diarist Dood Abides, a nominee for the 2005 Kofax Award for Most Humorous Post.

What’s funnier than the original is that the story was picked by a news site, Kashar World News, in Pakistan where it appears without the earmarks of satire. They list it as coming via SANA, which I gather is the Syrian Arab News Agency.

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