Mar 1, 2006

Thumbnail previews of Camera Raw images do not display as expected (Adobe Bridge 1.0)

Source: Adobe Bridge Support

Issue: Thumbnail previews of Camera Raw images in Adobe Bridge 1.0 display too dark or too light.


You selected Use Auto Adjustments in the Camera Raw Default Image Settings.

Solution: Deselect Use Auto Adjustments and save the settings as a new Camera Raw default.

1. Right click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS) an image in the Bridge and choose Open in Camera Raw.

2. Deselect Use Auto Adjustments in the Settings pop-up menu.

3. Choose Save New Camera Raw Defaults from the Settings pop-up menu.

4. Click Done to close Adobe Camera Raw.

Note: You will need to create new Camera Raw defaults for each camera model from which you import images. Camera Raw defaults are applied only to images that do not have Camera Raw adjustments made to them before you open the files in Adobe Bridge.

Background information

Adobe Camera Raw applies the Auto Adjustment settings to the thumbnail previews of Camera Raw files in Adobe Bridge 1.0; these settings can cause the previews to be lighter or darker than you expect them to be.

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