Feb 17, 2006

Imageprint PTAPP

Printing to the Imageprint RIP From Within Any Application

Written by Michael Reichmann, The Luminous Landscape

RIPs, as many photographers know, are a replacement for the standard Windows or Mac printer driver. They talk directly to the printer’s hardware, for the most part bypassing the application and the operating system. Depending on their maker they also allow for sophisticated layout capabilities, enhanced colour and tonal rendition, superior B&W printing, and available profiles for a wide variety of printers and paper types.

I’ve been using the Imageprint RIP for the past several years, and I and others have written about it extensively on this site. A quick look at the site’s Search page will turn up all the appropriate references.

But, as good as Imageprint is, one still needs to leave the application one is working in, Photoshop for example, Save the file, and then locate the file to be printed either through the RIP’s Open function or by Dragging and Dropping from the Finder or other search tool.

I’ve often thought – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to print using all of Imageprint’s capabilities right from within any application?

ColorByte, the publisher of Imageprint, has now addressed this shortcoming though a software add-on that they call the Print Through Application (PTAPP). This is for Imageprint 6.1, and is available from the company for $200. Currently only available for Mac OS X, a Windows version will be along some time later this Quarter.

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