Feb 16, 2006

Software Cinema Debuts Photoshop Workshops-On-Demand

New online service instantly delivers DVD-quality training tutorials from world renowned Photoshop experts

Press Release: Software Cinema, a leading software training company supporting the imaging industry of photographers, videographers and graphic artists, today announced Workshops-On-Demand, a new online service providing instant access to individual training courses covering a variety of Adobe Photoshop related topics.

Offering a unique approach for quickly learning Photoshop , every session derives from Software Cinema’s well received CS2 Product-On-Disc lines, ensuring high-resolution comprehensive training taught by accomplished experts.

Each online streaming program guides digital photographers in a step-by-step fashion through new and advanced features found in Photoshop CS2 including: Bridge, Camera Raw, 32 bit HDR and Smart Objects among others. Choose topics based on your favorite trainers expertise such as Kevin Ames for retouching, Eddie Tapp for wedding and portraits, Jane Conner-ziser for adding the “hand painted” look by incorporating Painter or Julieanne Kost for workflow automation and more. The Assorted Trainers workshop represents the best of Software Cinema’s CS2 lessons for a wide-range of in-depth interactive training of Photoshop .

“Along with Programs-On-Disc and nationwide training camps, Workshops-On-Demand are a key element in our commitment to deliver the best training through a variety of learning avenues,” said Gary Burns, director of operation at Software Cinema. “Our customers now have the unprecedented option to quickly sharpen their skills by having unrestricted 24-7 access to the most fully developed Photoshop tutorials available.”

Pricing and Availability
Software Cinema’s Workshops-On-Demand is available now by going to Free membership sign-up is required and entitles up to 90 days of 24/7 un-restricted access to lessons purchased. Prices for individual lessons range from $29.00 – $99.00.

System Requirements
Workshops-On-Demand requires: Broadband connection, 512 MB RAM and Flash 8 plug-in.

About Software Cinema
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Software Cinema is a privately-held company and strategic partner of Adobe Systems focused on interactive learning for the digital imaging industry. Through Training Camps, Programs on Disc, Workshops-On-Demand and Video Presentations, Software Cinema brings proven techniques from the top names in the industry for fundamental and advanced education.

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