Feb 16, 2006

Errors occur when you save JPEG images from the Photoshop Image Processor

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: When you save a JPEG image with an embedded sRGB profile in Image Processor, Image Processor returns one of the following error messages:

– “Sorry, something major happened and I can’t continue! Would you like to see more info?”

– “Error: User Cancelled the operation: 1548.”


Convert Profile To sRGB is selected in Image Processor.


Do one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Deselect Convert Profile To sRGB in Image Processor.

This error only occurs when the sRGB profile is already embedded in your images. If you have images with different profiles in them, process the sRGB images separately so you can use this solution.

Solution 2: Modify the ConvertTosRGBProfile function in the Image Processor.jsx script.

1. In Windows Explorer or Finder, locate the Image Processor.jsx script. The default location for this script is:

– On Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Scripts

– On Mac OS: Applications > Adobe Photoshop CS2 > Presets > Scripts

2. Save a backup copy of this file in a different location.

3. Open the original file in a text editor or a word processor that can save files as text only.

4. Locate the function called ConvertTosRGBProfile() in the Image Processor.jsx file. The function occurs in two locations: the first is where the function is called; the second is where the function is defined. You can find the code to be changed in the second location.

5. Replace the function definition with the following code:

function ConvertTosRGBProfile() {

app.activeDocument.convertProfile(“sRGB IEC61966-2.1″,





6. Save the file as text only, but with the .jsx extension.

7. Test your Image Processor conversion with this new code before you delete the back-up copy of the Image Processor.jsx file.

Note: You may need to rename the extension of the file before opening it to .txt. If you do this, make sure you change the .txt extension to .jsx after you save the file.

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