Feb 14, 2006

The Russell Brown Show-News Update

Check out the new updates to his ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TECHNIQUES page.

What’s New?

Shadow Text
New 2/08/06
Split applied Layer Styles into individual layers for more creative control of your design projects.

History 101
New 2/1/06
Correct images with this efficient and easy technique that uses the History feature in Photoshop CS2.

Advanced Background Extraction
New 01/24/06
Learn advanced techniques for extracting complex backgrounds with the Extract Tool.

The Russell Brown Show is now a Podcast!
Here is the iTunes Music Store URL for THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW

If the direct Podcast link does not work. Simply open iTunes and go to the Podcast section that is found under the iTunes store. Search for “Russell Brown” and you will find THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW. Just double click on the name and select the subscribe button. Then every other week, you will automatically receive an update of THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW.

Where is Russell Preston Brown?

The ADIM Conference web site

This message brought to you by The Russell Brown Show

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