Feb 9, 2006

On the Road to Boston

…with a few friends for the new Epson Print Academy in Boston!
Baked Beans, the Celtics, the Red Soxs, maybe some “tea”…

Ok, it’s not quite like getting out of Chicago for Miami Beach, but this Saturday, February 11th, we’re off to Boston. Boston in February? Well, it wasn’t MY idea…I was hoping for somewhere south, but Boston is next so look out Boston, here we come.

We’re coming in for a special one day Epson event that will be hitting a 10+ city tour–check out the Epson Print Academy for details and online registration.

What will we be covering?
* In-depth color management and custom profiling
* Creating and optimizing a professional workflow
* Expert-level fine-art printing techniques
* Using a RIP for contract proofing and to increase productivity
* Collaborating with graphic designers and commercial printers
* Advanced black and white printing techniques

For those attendees from Dallas and Miami, be sure to check Epson Print Academy Track Two Info page.

I didn’t take a lot of photos in Miami…we were having too much fun. But I do have some snapshots from Seth and George, as well as some “serious” photos from Dan (Dano) Steinhardt-the guy at Epson charged with putting on the Print Academy as well as dealing with his flock of Epson Stylus Pro photographers.

This was the expo area of the Miami Print Academy.

The beginning of the Track Two session-introducing the speakers.

The crowd was enthralled (or perhaps their brains were hurting).

Bruce uses his hands again…

I did an image optimizing session.

Mac Holbert and JP Caponigro decided to both be onstage for their Fine Art Printing sessions. I still didn’t get a shot of Greg Gorman speaking, maybe in Boston.

But Greg did come down to Miami-in fact he got there early and went deep sea fishing with Seth Resnick of D-65. Here’s Greg fighting a +100lbs. sailfish-took over an hour to bring in.

Here the fish has been brought close to the boat-Greg and Seth were working on light tackle (Seth said 40lbs. test & Greg claimed 30lbs. test-but in either case, the sailfish put up a heck of a fight-Greg was sore for several days)

Here’s a closeup of the sailfish just before it was released. Catch and Release is Greg’s approach for gamefish.

Here’s Seth fighting SOMETHING-could have been the sailfish he lost or…

…the Kingfish he landed. This one was due for eating.

As was the Dolphin Fish (Coryphaena hippurus) not to be confused with bottle-nosed dolphins. This is also known by the name Mahi-Mahi or Dorado.

Here’s Seth serving the fish…first “official” dinner cooked in his new kitchen. Finally done…after how many months Seth?

JP and I got to sample the fish for dinner-very good-I particularly liked the wine!

Because Greg is such a wine buff, Seth decided to pull out all the stops, er, corks for Greg.

Seth dipped into his considerable wine cellar and pulled out a winner…

Greg was touched–Seth decided to open a Screaming Eagle (see list at the end).

Seth gave Greg the honors to open…

…and Greg took very good care opening the bottle.

He also took great care in pouring equal measures for everybody–me too Greg!

The wine lineup was worthy of a picture-here’s Greg shooting a snap to send to his friends at Wine Spectator.

From left to right: KATHRYN KENNEDY 1994, DIAMOND CREEK-Red Rock Terrace Microclimate 3 1996, HARLEN–THE MAIDEN 1998, HARLEN ESTATE 1994, SCREAMING EAGLE 1996, ARAUJO Cabernet Sauvignon “Eisele” Vineyard, 1995, BRYANT FAMILY 1992, ARAUJO “Eisele” Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1991. (Seth’s fav is ARAUJO, which he gets from the vineyard direct for decent prices-see the full writeups at the end of the story)

Photography by Dan Steinhardt
Dano likes to spend a bit of extra time in exotic locales shooting. He “used to be” a commercial photographer here in Chicago in the 80′s–he claims I personally drove him out of that business :~) but he can shoot nice stuff (he needs to learn a bit more about Photoshop). In fact, Dano’s desire to keep shooting for himself won him an award – 1K Global Traveler of the Year by United Airlines, see: Aloha to a Dream Come True (Congrats Dano, but, who did that portrait doode-your eyes look like a Goa’uld from Stargate: SG-1)

Photos below ©2006 by Dan Steinhardt All rights reserved.

For those who may be interested, here’s the writeup of the wine list, from Seth…

Kathryn Kennedy Estate Cabernet, Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation fermented in small open-top vats of 300 gallons each, skin contact ranged from 5 days thru extended maceration (40 days) with the majority lasting 14 days. Matured for 23 months in 90% French oak (40% brand new) and 10% American oak. Bottled unfiltered. May ’94 vintage displays a ‘Bordeaux like’ austerity, with tight structure and refined texture. Beautifully perfumed cherry aromas are supported by fine tannins and lively acidity. Clearly surpassing most of todays California Cabernets, the ’94 Kennedy possesses an abundance of cellar potential.

DIAMOND CREEK Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Red Rock Terrace Microclimate 3 1996:
Dense, with classy currant, black cherry, exotic spice, mineral and cedar, tightly focused. Rich aftertaste. –James Laube

George thought the bottle was “corked”…

This year’s vintage has a vibrant ruby red tone and a full aroma. The bottle opens up to a nose of black cherry and licorice. The flavor is peppery with a black cherry taste and a thick full texture. The finish is dusty with dry tannins and a long impression.

it is a mind-blowing, bring you to your knees, thank god that you still have olfactory bulbs wine that induces eight grown men to start giggling and carrying on like young boys on a sugar high who just found the secret fireworks/comic books/candy store that sells on IOUs. Unreal extraction and concentration, this wine just exploded out of the stem with cassis, red currants and anise. An almost flawless wine that you just didn’t want to swallow. But once you did, you were rewarded with an incredible finish that lasted 90+ seconds. The tannins were so sweet, yet still very present and the near perfect balance of this wine makes this a contender to age. 98+ pts.

It’s rare. It’s expensive. And there’s a mystique about it.

But Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon is no pretender. It’s the real thing, and it deserves to be considered among Napa Valley’s prestige wines. –James Laube

1996: While the ’95 is racy and showy, the 1996 is classic in its understated richness. Amazing harmony, depth and density of flavor. While it’s not as obvious as some other Eagles, it is profoundly deep and richly flavored. Once again, the loamy earth, tar and pure Cabernet flavors are deftly balanced. Drink now through 2016. 96 points.

ARAUJO Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard, 1995:
Tasting Notes 11/05/1998, at the Wine Spectator “Grand Tasting” in San Francisco – This very well integrated wine includes sweet spice and forward fruit, herbs, vanilla, smoke, and a French oak feel (velvety without overt wood). There’s a good finish at the end, but it’s so good up front, who cares? On a scale of 1 to 100, I gave it 98 points, which places it in my top 10 favorite wines among the 3000 + wines I’ve recorded notes for over the past few years. Drink it now-2010+.

98 points from Parker: Cabernet Sauvignon from an old vineyard on Pritchard Hill near the Chappellet Vineyard. Bryant’s 1992 Cabernet Sauvignon offers an impressive black/purple color, rusty tannin, immense concentration, full body, and enormous richness in the finish.”

1991 ARAUJO “Eisele” Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon:
95 points Robert Parker: “I had inserted this wine in a blind tasting. I did not know where it would appear, but I knew it would be in the tasting, and I was able to pick it out when it was served. However, the rest of the tasters thought it was a large-scaled Bordeaux from the Medoc. This magnificent California Cabernet offers that exciting blend of power and elegance. The opaque purple color is followed by copious quantities of sweet, mineral, licorice, floral- laden, blackcurrant fruit, full body, exceptional purity, good underlying, well-integrated acidity and tannin, and a whoppingly long finish. Typical of many top California wines, it combines magnificent richness and ripeness with a sense of gracefulness and complexity. Although young, it is soft enough to be enjoyed. Look for the 1991 Araujo Estate Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon to age effortlessly for another 20-25 years.” (02/97)

Stephen Wilkes, eat your heart out…
George, sorry you missed the Screaming Eagle, bud.

See you in Boston!

10 Responses to “On the Road to Boston”

  1. mel hill Says:

    But what did you drink with the fish?

    Wow $3,500.00* bucks worth of wine?
    Those bad boys you drank call for red meat
    and lots of it!

    1991 ARAUJO Eisele $300
    1995 ARAUJO Eisele $250
    1992 BRYANT $395**
    1996 SCREAMING EAGLE $1,500
    1994 HARLEN ESTATE $595
    1996 DIAMOND CREEK Red Rock Terrace Microclimate 3 $150
    1994 KATHRYN KENNEDY $100 (+ – )

    * based on current lowest price found on

    ** this price would be from my Brother-in-law’s company so let me know if you need more!!!


  2. Jeff Schewe Says:

    I think we had a white with the fish…it’s a little fuzzy. With the rest of the wine, we didn’t bother actually eating anything. We did do sushi at the Delano-I remember that. We did lunch at the Shore Club (Ago’s) but that wine wasn’t tallied in the story. Then we did sushi again at Bond Street (around from the Shore Club). So, I guess we didn’t eat any meat on the trip…

    I did get an email from Stephen, he asked about meat too. He also said: “…. I am eating my heart out! I can’t believe your going to be in Boston tomorrow! I am leaving to Colorado in the AM … So I will miss you guys! I had my cellar primed and ready.

    Send my best to everyone… Leave a glass out for me!


    That’s ok Stephen, we’ll be in New York City Feb 25th-if you’re around, we’ll be more than happy to raid your cellar…


  3. Mitchel C. Resnick Says:

    Believe me, the best chefs in the world know which wines go with what food. But I’d drink a bottle of ARAUJO (my brother and I share the same favorite) even if it was served with shoe leather! Sorry I missed the party, AND the fishing! Hey to all of you… Greg, Steven, Jeff, etc.

  4. Greg Gorman Says:

    Seth got confused on the pound test,which was 30# on my line! They gave him the 40# test to ensure that he could land his 7lb. Kingfish. Thanks to Seth, who to this day after all the wine I’ve consumed, opened, without a doubt, the most stellar wines and tasting I’ve attended in one evening. Hurry out West so I can return the favor.

  5. Mike Brown Says:

    Jeff, great post! I enjoyed seeing the Dan Steinhardt photos. I’m looking forward to seeing your Epson Print Acadamy presentation in Chicago next month.

  6. seth resnick Says:

    30# or 40# doesn’t matter when the sardines are over 100 pounds. Fishing was fantastic and the company was even better. The chuckle for me was thinking of a corporate sponsor who banned Greg and I from ever dining together. I was told that in the future I should only dine out like a would dine at home. With that in mind I can’t wait for the next dinner out with Greg.

    As far as the wines are concerned I can’t think of a better group to drink them with and now all the pressure is back on Greg:)

  7. Pete Forget Says:

    Attended Print Academy Boston today — great job guys! Very informative and entertaining.
    Quick question. Could you post the url to the lesson notes? I tossed them by mistake. I remember the un/pw.

  8. Greg Barnett Says:

    Did you guys get snowed in? Looks nasty on the weather reports!

  9. Ed Dorso Says:

    Track Two Boston was fantastic. I hope you guys made it out just before the storm hit! If not, Boston isn’t a bad place to be stranded – even in February. Jeff, great stuff in the morning session, NBS + “ID”. Greg, the B&W conversion session was awesome. JP, I enjoyed the review of the recent Digital PhotoPro article, and the heads up for the next couple of months. Mac, I’ve read the Nash Editions history before, but I really enjoyed hearing it in person from the man! George, please keep up the great work on Project Lightroom, and I’m looking forward to the Beta 2 download soon. Also thanks for the cool t-shirt! I guess it pays to keep up with Lightroom. :-) And last but certainly not least, thank you Epson for putting together this great team and the Print Academy sessions. “I’ll be back.”

  10. Jeff Schewe Says:


    Yep we’re locked into Boston at least til Monday…but there’s a REALLY GREAT place right across the street from the hotel-Grill 23 that has a fantastic wine list and great steaks, so we won’t go hungury…


    The note URL is literally staring you in the face Pete…look at the main PSN page just below the logo…

    Ed, thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it (and I must say you have excellent taste!) Tell your friends…spead the word! This is a big effort by Epson (and the speakers as well) to try to teach photographers how to get the best prints possible of their work.

    I’ll post pictures from Boston when I do the “On the Road to NYC” story next week.

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