Feb 7, 2006

Adobe Lightroom Beta 2 Seen

In a post at the Adobe Lighroom Forums, George Jardine, Pro Photography Evangelist fessed up to the fact that his most recent movie tutorial for using the Develop module of Lightroom was done with Adobe Lightroom Beta 2. From the post:

This tutorial movie was not really supposed to hit the streets until B2 was ready…. but some sly character on this forum somehow found the link and posted it. So the cat is out of the bag.

The movie tutorial shows how to work in the Develop module. Some people noticed the new Crop button…

…from this, it was deduced that the movie was using an unreleased version of Lightroom.

Here is the direct link to the new Lightroom Tutorial movie.

George says: This is the link to the QT version. Once B2 is posted, it will appear linked from the main site.
Enjoy! More movies are coming. (And more podcasts.)

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