Feb 3, 2006

Kama Sutra worm threat shrivels

Source: ZDNet
Written by Munir Kotadia

The Kama Sutra worm, designed to begin deleting files on infected computers this morning, has caused virtually no damage, according to antivirus firms.

The worm, also known as Nyxem.E, MyWife and Blackworm, has been circulating for a couple of weeks, and antivirus vendors said businesses have done well to ensure that their networks were protected against the pest.

There have been “no reports of any (Kama Sutra) detonations so far. Also, the virus seems to be dropping in e-mail prevalence. It was down to second place yesterday, according to our monitoring stations, and slid again into third place today,” Paul Ducklin, head of technology at Sophos Asia-Pacific, told ZDNet Australia.

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