Feb 2, 2006

DSLR Infrared

Exploring the World of Infrared Photography With a Modified Canon 20D

Source: The Luminous Landscape
Written by Michael Reichmann

I always admire well done landscape images shot in Infrared. It’s a technology and technique that I have never explored myself until now. The main reason for my not investigating IR work sooner has been the hassles involved in working with Infrared materials. IR film needs special handling in the field as well as during processing. The use of IR filters means that one can not view through the camera lens with the filter in place, and manual focusing is “off”, autofocus doesn’t work, and the camera’s built in metering can’t be used either. Exposures can also be quite lengthy.

But now there’s a solution, and all it requires is one of the popular DSLRs from Fuji, Nikon or Canon, and US $450. This plus shipping costs and a few days with your camera away from home will return you a modified camera that shoots in the Infrared with no reduction in its usual functionality. Except, of course, that it no longer can shoot normal colour images in visible light, and can’t be changed back again if you decide that IR shooting isn’t for you. Oh yes – and it voids your manufacturer’s warranty.

Since I had a Canon 20D that had been sitting on the sidelines for some months, when I heard that there was a company that did conversions to Infrared, I decided that now was the time to see what the fun was all about.

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