Feb 2, 2006

Apple Asks PDN Readers To Help Improve Aperture

Source: pdn online
Written by David Schloss

As we have previously reported here and in the PDNOnline forums, Apple has worked with PDN closely on our reviews of Aperture, the professional photographic workflow program released at the PhotoPlus trade show in October. We have reported on many of the positive aspects of the cutting-edge program, while pointing out that some photographers are concerned about the Aperture conversion of RAW images. While our testing shows that many of these issues revolve around a mis-understanding of the default settings in both Aperture and ACR (many are comparing auto-adjusted images in ACR to non-adjusted images in Aperture) we’ve still seen instances where Aperture’s processing indicates that this is a first generation product, and that improvements are in order.

Apple approached PDN and asked us to provide the development team with sample images for comparison, so the Aperture programmers could improve raw performance. We asked Apple to include not just the in-house reviewers, but the PDN readership at large. Both Apple and PDN feel that the caliber of work from PDN readers and the level of technical sophistication would allow PDN readers to provide a fair sampling of images, and so Apple is inviting PDN readers to submit images to their development team for help tweaking the raw image conversion process. Details of that request are below.

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