Jan 17, 2006

Adobe Lightroom is updated to Beta 1.1

The Adobe Lightroom public beta has been updated to version 1.1 according to George Jardine, Pro Photography Evangelist at Adobe. In a messaged posted to the Lightroom Beta General Discussion forum, George posted the following;


The 1.1 release is available at:

If Lightroom checks for updates, you may get directed to… so just use the above URL for the download.

The Lightroom Beta 1.1 update addresses the following issues:

-Removed possibility of file deletion after a duplicate file is imported
into the Library using the “Move Files to Lightroom Library” option

-Updated processing algorithms for the Panasonic DMC-LX1 and Panasonic
DMC-FZ30 cameras

Any new features will come with a major revision number (i.e. B2, B3, B4, etc.)

Be sure to check out PSN story Lightroom Resources for a growing list of Lightroom resources.

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