Jan 11, 2006

Image broadcasting: FilmLoop

Source: ZDNET Between the lines
Posted by Dan Farber

Guy Kawasaki gave one of his patented demos, evangelizing for FilmLoop, a photo sharing company he has invested in that is run by his old friend (since 9th grade) and former Apple colleague Kyle Mashima and Prescott Lee. FilmLoop is the “killer app for the Macintosh,” Kawasaki said, joining MacPaint, Photoshop and PageMaker. Definitely a case of evangelistic exaggeration.

Kawasaki showed the Macintosh version, which is in pre-beta. A Windows version has been available since it was launched at Demo in September 2005. With all the different photo sharing sites existence, it’s difficult to stand out, but FilmLoop has some unique features. A loop is a string of images that scroll on a desktop screen. You can drag and drop imagees into a loop and share loops, allowing others to modify loops. Periodically, ads appear in loops (the business model), and the company has a destination and directory site, the FilmLoop Network, that includes topic channels and loops from commercial photographers and editors. Users subscribe to loops (no RSS yet) and can create tags (not searchable yet) and set parameters, such as allowing comments, turning printing and saving off (for commercial content, linking from an image to an external URL and access priviledges.

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