Jan 11, 2006

Adobe Set To Compete With Apple

Source: Forbes
Written by Danit Lindor

NEW YORK – Like a recently married couple showing off their new baby, the newly merged Adobe Systems and Macromedia presented their first integrated product at Macworld Tuesday in San Francisco.

The new software, dubbed Lightroom, is aimed at photography professionals and is designed to work in conjunction with Adobe’s (nasdaq: ADBEnewspeople ) Photoshop. Among its many features, the software uses Macromedia’s (nasdaq: MACRnewspeople ) popular Flash software to allow customers to create personal Web pages, and seamlessly moves from desktop to the Web.

So named to suggest a digital version of a darkroom, Lightroom is designed to smooth work flow and allow customers to work with files in many kinds of formats, including unprocessed raw data. The software has an intuitive feel with easily negotiable modules that focus directly on a single image.

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