Jan 4, 2006

Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE 2

In a post on December 23rd, 2005 I mentioned a variety of possible gifts you might consider giving to a Photoshop Junky. One of the items, a Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse was mentioned because Logitech no longer sells the mouse I was using-a dual optical, four button mouse. At the time, I didn’t notice that Logitech only offered Windows support for that mouse…see: Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE. I also indicated that somebody had actually sent me one (other than the one my wife got me for Xmas). But I had no idea who that somebody was. The mystery has been solved.

A photographer based in Washington, DC, John Harrington, had read my original article and decided that the Logitech 518 mouse would make an excellent Xmas gift for a bunch of photographer friends (not to mention himself) and bought some 518′s at (I had incorrectly attributed the box as having come from Best Buy). Thanks John…but your name was not listed on any paperwork inside the box–really!


Thanks to a comment by Joe Roemer on the original article, I was able to download a 3rd party driver for the Logitech 518 mouse. The software, SteerMouse, allows programming all the buttons of the 518 mouse for use under Mac OS X. The SteerMouse driver is a $20 shareware application-a deal for a mouse I didn’t have to buy.

So, what did I learn from this little exercise? Well, research is a good thing-it would have been useful for me to have confirmed that the recommendations I made were actually compatible on the Mac. Second, be careful what you ask for because somebody might just give it to you. Third, the Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse is a darn good mouse for Photoshop!

7 Responses to “Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE 2”

  1. Ian Lyons Says:

    >Well, research is a good thing

    It’s not like you to slip up on the research ;-)

    Nice to read that it all came good in the end though.

  2. bobby durston Says:

    Just wondering why you settled on a mouse over a Wacom?

  3. Nick Decker Says:

    Jeff, thanks for the recommendation of the Logitech MX 518. It is, IMO, an excellent mouse. Beware, though, of the SetPoint software for Windows that comes with it. (OK, I know you don’t give a squat about Windows, but maybe someone that does will read this.) That program threw my normally pristine XP Pro system into mayhem. Uninstalling it cured my ills.

  4. Marland Pittman Says:

    Glad to have read this article. However, I’m dissapointed to find that my MX 518 won’t work on my Macs with out additional software, that doesn’t even come from Logitech.

  5. Jann Lipka Says:

    Jeff ,
    Are you using 518 Logitech mouse now ,( with steer mouse )
    or are you back to MS mouse ?
    Just curious …

  6. A T Mann Says:

    Logitech MX Laser mouse does not work with Photoshop CS2 in WinXP pro. It stutters and cannot move. What could the problem be? Please help if you can.

  7. Jann Lipka Says:


    Have you found anything more modern then Mx 518 mouse for PS work ?
    I have been trying Wacom route but come back to mouse all the time …

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