Jan 4, 2006

Hasselblad warns of incompatibility with Adobe Bridge

Written By Rob Galbraith

Hasselblad has sent a warning to registered users of its digital backs that Adobe Bridge on the Mac will in some cases corrupt the header information inside the company’s proprietary RAW 3f (.fff) file format. An excerpt from the email blast is below:

We have come across a serious issue with using Adobe Bridge on a Mac to alter metadata or ratings of 3f files. When doing this Bridge will add an XMP meta data tag to the file AND unfortunately it will also make some incorrect updates to the 3f TIFF header. This can lead to various results but a typical symptom is that opening the image in FlexColor will show an incorrect noisefilled preview.

Attempts to use the detail view or saving an image will usually work since the raw data itself hasn’t been affected.

Hasselblad and Adobe are working on a solution to this problem, but meanwhile you should not manipulate 3f files in Bridge on a Mac.

Editor’s Note: 3f files are the native file format of FlexColor software. Both digital captures and Imacon scanner scans can be saved in the 3F format.

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