Dec 21, 2005

The Russell Brown Show-News Update

The Russell Brown Show is now a Podcast!
Here is the iTunes Music Store URL for THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW

Check out the new updates to his ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TECHNIQUES page.

What’s New?

Digital Watermark Branding
New 12/28/05
Discover the fine art of creating an Action that will magically work on both horizontal and vertical images.

Smart Sharpen Revealed!
New 12/19/05
Go back to school and learn the basics of the new Smart Sharpen feature in CS2.

Image Processor Secrets
New 12/14/05
Uncover hidden secrets to the Image Processor and process your images with more control.

Who is Russell Preston Brown?
(you’re kidding right?)

As the Sr. Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated, Russell Preston Brown holds a unique position in the computer industry. Brown maintains a vital presence in the digital design and publishing community, facilitating the exchange between the user and software developer that is so essential to Adobe’s software development. With complete mastery and breathing style, Brown shows users how to work – and play – with Adobe software. He has given the world’s leading photographers, publishers, art directors, and artists a strong grasp of the software tools that, by virtually all accounts, have led to Adobe’s applications becoming the standard by which others are measured. Remember what Russell always says “Learning should never be boring!
Brought to you by: THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW

If the direct Podcast link does not work. Simply open iTunes and go to the Podcast section that is found under the iTunes store. Search for “Russell Brown” and you will find THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW. Just double click on the name and select the subscribe button. Then every other week, you will automatically receive an update of THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW.

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