Nov 17, 2005

Adobe Releases Bridge 1.03 Update

Adobe has posted the most recent Bridge update; Adobe Bridge version 1.03. The update is only available for download from the Adobe web site, not through Adobe Updater.

NEWS FLASH (11/17/05, 1:15 pm Central)-the Bridge 1.03 Update has been pulled from the Adobe Downloads site due to an apparent issue with the installer. Some people have reported issues where the Camera Raw Plug-in fails to work after the Bridge 1.03 Update has been installed. PSN will post additional information when it arrives. For now, those people who DID download the 1.03 update and are having problems, we suggest visiting the Adobe hosted Bridge Forums (Mac and/or Windows) for any additional information on how to correct the issue.

The new update will be available from these links when the 1.03 update is re-posted.
Bridge 1.03 for Macintosh      Bridge 1.03 for Windows

This release includes overall improved stability and performance, and is recommended for all Adobe Bridge customers.

For additional info, be sure to visit the Adobe User to User forums for Adobe Bridge.
Adobe Bridge Forum for Mac      Adobe Bridge Forum for Win

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