Nov 16, 2005

Michael Reichmann’s Bangladesh-First Impressions is shipping

Micheal Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape notes that his self published and self produced book Bangladesh-First Impressions is now shipping.

Michael writes: “Nothing ever happens as quickly as one would wish. The books arrived on schedule in early October. The shipment was complete, and the books were as expected – of excellent quality. I am very pleased with the colour reproduction and the printing. There is a slight lack of neutrality to some of the B&W plates, but that’s to be expected. Doing Duotones would have increased the cost of the book substantially. There are a couple of typos in the text, but these are my fault, not the printers.

Overall the book is one that I am very proud of.”

Bangladesh – First Impressions
The Book

$29.95 plus $9.95 shipping

A 100 page hard-cover book of photographs, taken in Bangladesh, by Michael Reichmann is available from The Luminous Landscape Store. Click on “Books”.

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