Nov 15, 2005

RawShooter Color Engine Announced

Pixmantec Partners With ETCETERA Consulting To Provide Sophisticated Color Profiles For Canon And Nikon Digital SLRs

Press Release: Copenhagen, November 15, 2005: Danish digital imaging specialists Pixmantec ApS are pleased to announce the immediate release of RawShooter | Color Engine. A plug‐in for both existing and forthcoming RawShooter RAW workflow applications, RawShooter |Color Engine provides discerning photographers with an excellent alternative to the standard RawShooter profiles. Designed in cooperation with color expert Magne Nilsen of ETCETERA Consulting, RawShooter | Color Engine seamlessly integrates into all RawShooter applications. Built using an advanced architecture, RawShooter | Color Engine delivers a level of sophistication that has yet to be seen in DSLR profile management and thus has the potential or exciting enhancements to come.

RawShooter | premium 2006 provides standard colour profiles, for all DSLRs that it supports, that will satisfy most photographers needs. However, color is very subjective and what looks great to one photographer may not be to another photographers’ taste. Hence some photographers may require a different color interpretation than the RawShooter | premium 2006 standard profiles provide. Previously solutions to the problem have been to produce static color profiles but for many this method has been too complicatd to use due to the out of the way location of Windows directories where certain files must be stored. RawShooter | Color Engine is a sophisticated color application that takes this to a new level, allowing the photographer to obtain the ultimate in color matching and accuracy from RawShooter | premium 2006. The plug‐in technology is simple to install, use and maintain, no matter what the skill level of the individual photographer. Users donʹt have to worry about having the latest versions of different profiles, since these are always included inside the latest version of RawShooter | Color Engine.

Pixmantec CEO Kenneth Laerke said “Releasing RawShooter | Color Engine to the market demonstrates our continued commitment to providing the best and most flexible RAW workflow managemet solutions to all levels of photographers. ETCETERA Consulting is regarded within the industry a leading supplier of generic camera profiles for specific conversion prodcts.

Pixmantec CTO Michael Jonsson: “The RawShooter | Color Engine clearly underscores the flexibility of the RawShooter imaging technology and architecture as it demonstrates the apability of supplementing RawShooter with seamlessly integrated add‐on solutions. Offering a compelling alternative color rendition is a significant addition to RawShooter and a token of our devotion to meet istinct demands in a timely fashion.ʺ

RawShooter | Color Engine is priced at $59.00, with a special introductory offer of $49.00 good until November 30th 2005. When new color profiles are added to the RawShooter | Color Engine, existing customers can at any time update to the latest version for $29.00. Initially RawShooter | Color Engine will only function with RawShooter | premium 2006; details of support for RawShooter | essentials 2006 will be announced later.

RawShooter | Color Engine provides color profiles for the following cameras:

• Canon EOS 1D; Canon EOS 1Ds; Canon EOS 1D Mark II; Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II; Canon EOS 1D Mark II N; Canon EOS D30; Canon EOS D60 ; Canon EOS 10D; Canon EOS 20D; Canon EOS 5D; Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel/Kiss Digital; Canon EOS 350D/Rebel XT/Kiss Digital N


The product is available for immediate download from

About ETCETERA Consulting
ETCETERA Consulting has been involved in creating printer drivers, printer engines, profiles, and color management software since 1988. In 1999 ETCETERA started building a software suite specifically tailored to building color mappings and ICM‐profiles for digital cameras. Most profiling packages available focuses on creating printer and scanner profiles, but digital cameras needed a different kind of solution. Therefore ETCETERA created its own proprietary software and techniques for making profiles for digital cameras. The profiles are of high quality and have a more natural feel and accurate tonal balance compared to computer generated profils since ETCETERA also uses the feedback of experienced and knowledgeable photographers as the final step in tuning the profiles Pixmantec are therefore pleased to have ETCETERA Consulting as our exclusive partner for 3rd party alternate color renditions or the RawShooter product family.

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