Nov 10, 2005

Adobe posts Camera Raw 3.3 Public Beta

The Camera Raw 3.3 Public Beta is available from the Camera Raw product page.

Newly supported cameras for Camera Raw 3.3 Beta – November 2005

Support for the following cameras has been added from Camera Raw 3.2 to 3.3 Beta. This version of Camera Raw is in a Beta stage and has not been fully tested by Adobe Systems. Please use Camera Raw 3.2 for the latest certified plug-in. If you have any problems or concerns, please submit them to the Camera Raw 3.3 Beta forum.

* Canon
EOS 1D Mark II N
* Olympus

* Pentax
*ist DL
*ist DS2
* Sony

Beta 3.3 also includes the following Updates:

1) Improved redraw speed at some zoom levels,
2) Added warning dialogs when non-selected images,
3)Tuned Bayer demosaic algorithms,
4) Fixed DNG decoding for some camera models,
5) Write “legacy” IPTC data block (in addition to the existing XMP data block) to TIFF, JPEG, and PSD files saved directly.

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