Nov 9, 2005

Q&A: Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen

On China, Microsoft, Apple, open source – and China, some more
Written By Tony Hallett

Adobe’s $3.4bn purchase of Macromedia has been one of the big stories in software this year. With the deal rubber-stamped in the US and on the verge of being approved in Europe, editor Tony Hallett recently caught up with the chief executive of the San Jose-based software company, Bruce Chizen.

With an ‘intra-quarter business update’ forecasting Adobe will once again beat analyst expectations and the merger with Macromedia almost put to bed, you can forgive those at the company – one of the few standalone software outfits to endure over the past 20 years – to feel like they have some momentum.

But with Microsoft looming larger, the rise of open source alternatives and China a problem as much as an opportunity, CEO Bruce Chizen – as always – has some strong views on what lies ahead.

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