Nov 8, 2005

RealViz Stitcher 5

Panoramic and VR application still a winner
Source: Hollywood Industry
Written By Stephen Schleicher

If you have ever wanted to take those large dramatic panoramic landscape shots, but have had nothing but problems aligning the images in other applications, then Stitcher 5 is the program for you. If you have ever needed to quickly create a QuickTime VR movie for your real estate or tour website, then Stitcher 5 is the program for you. Here’s why.

When I first used RealViz’s Stitcher five years ago, I was totally blown away with the ease of use, accuracy, and high quality output. With Stitcher 5 it is even easier to use than before.

Stitcher 5 has undergone a huge interface change. The confusing menu bars and esoteric icons have been replaced with five icons that walk you through the creation process. As you roll over the icons, they gracefully expand to give you access to many other functions.

Possibly taking a cue from the Mac OS X dock, is the magnifying effect that occurs as you roll over the images at the bottom of the screen. This is great because you can keep the thumbnails small until you need a more detailed view.

Besides the interface redux, the biggest and best new feature is the fully automatic stitching engine. Instead of dragging and dropping your images and hoping they fit together correctly, Stitcher 5 does the work for you with a click of a single button. This is awesome for those who need to quickly generate content without having to manually place and stitch images. This is also very handy if you have a large number of original images to wade through. Because there is no learning curve with the automatic stitching engine a novice will be able to generate content in minutes.

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