Nov 8, 2005

An Outsider’s Look at Adobe Part I: Acrobat 7

Source: Open For Business
Written By Timothy R. Butler, Editor-in-Chief

When you talk about graphics software, the components of Adobe Creative Suite 2 almost certainly are the first to come to mind. Being the longtime leader does not always mean a program is the best out there, of course, but it at least means the company is doing something right. To get to the bottom of whether Photoshop and its siblings are as good as their market numbers would indicate, OfB Labs took two moderately experienced graphics software users who had not used Adobe’s products before, and tracked the experience of using the CS suite.

For Mac users, Photoshop has pretty much the entire market to itself. With Corel pulling out its flagship suite with the last release, the only well known competitor on the platform is the Free Software GNU Image Manipulation Tool (GIMP). In addition to the Gimp, we can consider software on the Windows side of the picture, where there remains two major offerings from Corel: Draw on the high-end and Paint Shop Pro on the lower end.

We will look at Photoshop itself in the near future, but in this first part of the review series, we look at another one of the CS components, Adobe Acrobat Professional. Although the purpose of Acrobat is fairly obvious to most, it might not be completely obvious why you need it. Mac users are able to output to PDF files anything printable, so why would you want a separate, substantially priced package to do the same thing?

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