Nov 3, 2005

iView MediaPro 3 Released

Press Release: iView Multimedia releases iView MediaPro 3, an all new version of our professional digital asset management and cataloging application.

MediaPro 3 provides the following new features, improvements and enhancements:

This digitized version of the photographer’s lightbox gives more powerful viewing options. In full screen mode, view up to four images side by side; compare and contrast; zoom and scroll to the same point on multiple images simultaneously; mark favorite selections; display histogram information for all images.

Streamlined Annotation Workflow:
Provides more consistent annotation throughout your entire workflow, from import to export, via a user-defined controlled vocabulary (such as keywords). Support for industry standards IPTC/XMP Core and UNICODE means that annotations assigned in MediaPro can be read in other applications such as Adobe Photoshop, and you can use any language character set in annotations (such as Japanese).

Dynamic File Import Control:
Create catalogs faster by batch renaming files, applying multiple annotations and copying media files to folders automatically on import. For example, images from a shoot can be stored into the right folder and batch renamed to fit a preferred filename format directly on import. You can also batch import files from the Web directly into catalogs using the cURL technology for transferring files online.

XML Import and Export:
Industry standard compliance helps protect your digital archive. MediaPro can now import XML and export catalogs to XML. For example, you can export a catalog and its metadata to XML formatted data and choose to change the XML structure, using XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation). You can also export XML files from iView MediaPro to other applications and create HTML or text documents.

Enhanced Interface:
iView MediaPro has always excelled at responding to a user’s requirements. Now you can customize your interface to display only the metadata fields you need while you’re working and personalize IPTC terminology to fit your workflow. Also, you can save your catalog layout options as themes or use MediaPro’s predefined themes.

Advanced Web Gallery Options:
MediaPro catalog publishing options are expanded. You have more flexibility in making Web galleries and integrating them with your existing Web site.Web Galleries are no longer limited to HTML tables. For example, create unique Web pages using other technologies, including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Also, you can now upload exported galleries directly to your Web server from MediaPro 3.0 via FTP.

Other new features and enhancements:

• New file format support includes: WMV and WMA on the Windows platforms; Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF) documents onw Windows and Mac platforms; and archived Web page files on the Mac.

• E-mail files directly from a MediaPro catalog

• Create and store Full Screen Preview images so that media can be viewed even when the original files are not available.

• New progress indicators and status reports on import and batch functions

• Improved image conversion, including watermarking and embedding metadata

• Improved contact sheets, including headers, footers and file format settings

• More powerful batch rename options, using metadata as variables in the naming process

• Enhanced printing options and additional Web themes

To learn more about these features, see What’s new in MediaPro 3.

Compatability: iView MediaPro 3.0 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 and higher, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Download Version 3
See this page for upgrade pricing information on this new version.

Documentation: A manual and shortcut card for Version 3 is available in our Download section.

As always, MediaPro works best with if you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer. Download and install the latest version for free on Apple’s web site. This is strongly recommended to both Windows and Macintosh users.

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